Annual Meeting 2023

Annual Meeting 2023

Welcome to Lincoln Park Zoo’s 2023 Annual Meeting!

We invite you to talk with the zoo’s own experts in care, community, conservation, and culture. Enjoy learning about our programs and getting to know our leaders.

Living With Wildlife

Discover how the zoo’s Urban Wildlife Institute and Urban Wildlife Information Network are champions for wildlife in our urbanizing world, leading international efforts to reduce human-wildlife conflict and build more wildlife-friendly cities.

Seth Magle, Ph.D., Director, Urban Wildlife Institute and Urban Wildlife Information Network
Liza Lehrer, Assistant Director, Urban Wildlife Institute
Henry Adams, Wildlife Management Coordinator, Urban Wildlife Institute

End Wildlife Trafficking

Learn how Lincoln Park Zoo is driving awareness and advocacy efforts to mitigate the illegal wildlife trade that negatively impacts both welfare and conservation outcomes for wildlife.

Sunny Nelson, Vice President of Conservation & Science
Dan Boehm, Curator, Regenstein Small Mammal-Reptile House, Pritzker Family Children’s Zoo, Camel & Zebra Area

For Wildlife. For All.

Find out how Lincoln Park Zoo embodies the zoo of the future and invites people of all abilities to enjoy a guest experience on verdant grounds—growing and going green every day to protect the planet for wildlife.

Maureen Leahy, Vice President, Animal Care & Horticulture
Katrina Quint, Director, Horticulture
Bill Green, Hart Prins Manager of Accessibility and Inclusion
Julie Somor, Green Team Lead and Senior Coordinator, Conservation & Science

Connecting, Learning, and Taking Action

Chat with Learning staff about how Lincoln Park Zoo connects with peopleevery day and inspires the next generation of conservationists atthe zoo, in schools, or in communities.

Dana Murphy, Vice President, Learning & Community Engagement
Allison Price, Senior Director, Learning & Guest Engagement
Emma Martell, Director of Child, Teen, and Family Engagement
Vince Gomez, Director, Community Engagement
Rosie Arnold, Formal Programs Manager, Learning
Eduardo Camacho, Community Programs Manager
Jaeda Branch, Community Programs Coordinator

Animal Welfare Science

Lincoln Park Zoo is the leader among the nation’s 238 AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums in animal care and welfare science. Talk with the staff that provide individualized care and behavioral monitoring for the 175species in our care—and learn how we’re pioneering new strategies to evaluate and enhance animal wellbeing.

Jason Wark, Ph.D., Animal Welfare Scientist
Shannon O’Brien, Ph.D., Animal Welfare Scientist
Natasha Wierzal, ZooMonitor Research Assistant

Animal Care

Animals always have choice and control in their environment at Lincoln Park Zoo. Explore the ways Animal Care staff encourage animals to participate in their own care, provide enriching experiences for the animals to engage in natural behaviors and tell those stories to zoo guests through chats and guest engagement.

Cassy Kutilek, Curator, Mammals
Heather Brousalis, Manager, Guest Engagement
Allison Kao, Manager, Behavioral Husbandry and Enrichment
Siga Lapinskas, Manager, Nutrition Center

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