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Visit Lincoln Park Zoo from anywhere in the world!

View our streaming cams courtesy of zoolife, the world’s first live and interactive virtual zoo.

Virtually visit African lions, Jamaican iguanas, Japanese macaques, and the Free Flight habitat at McCormick Bird House via our livestreams below! Streams are live 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Click through to zoolife to control the cameras (zoom up to 25x!) and interact with zoo experts and other users. Learn more

Free Flight

Jamaican Iguana

Japanese Macaque

African Lion

Control the Camera

Join zoolife to control the cameras and get all-new, closer-than-ever views into the African lion, Jamaican iguana, Japanese macaque, and/or Free Flight habitats. Plus:

  • Zoom up to 25x to see details like individual feathers or whiskers, and pan around the habitat in case the animal isn’t initially in the frame
  • Attend animal chats with zoo experts and ask questions, just like you would with an in-person visit (coming soon!)
  • Chat and interact with other users and share screen-capture photos and videos
  • Check out fact sheets about individuals or species in the habitat
  • View livestreams from other accredited institutions around the globe

When you subscribe, 50% of your purchase comes back to Lincoln Park Zoo as a donation to support our animal care and conservation efforts!

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When are the cameras on?

Lincoln Park Zoo streams these habitats from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. The only exceptions are site or stream maintenance, or if there are animal care needs that require a brief shutoff.

The camera is on but I don’t see any animals. Where are they?

At Lincoln Park Zoo, animals have choice and control over where to spend their time. Each species has a behind-the-scenes area that allows them to be out of sight of zoo guests, which means they’re also out of the camera frame. Check back later!

Where’s the sound?

These zoolife streams do not have sound. However, zoolife subscribers will hear the speaker when a zoo expert is narrating enrichment or other activity over the stream.

What’s the difference between viewing here and clicking through to control the camera?

Watching on the zoo’s website offers view-only access to Lincoln Park Zoo habitats. When you click through to zoolife, you can view animals and control the camera (zoom, pan), chat with other users, and attend virtual talks with zoo experts. Habitats streaming on zoolife come from all over the globe: Chicago to Australia.

What if I don’t see Lincoln Park Zoo’s habitats on zoolife?

Please refresh your browser. If, after a couple tries, you still don’t see the habitats, please contact us.

How do I use zoolife?
  • Visit and sign up or log in.
    • Sign up to view the one camera of your choice for free.
    • Subscribe at $8/month or $80/year for access to all cameras and programming across the zoolife platform.
      • Lincoln Park Zoo members get 25% off a zoolife subscription. Not a member? Join today and email to get your discount code!
  • Once logged in, explore the map to find the Lincoln Park Zoo habitats: Jamaican iguana, McCormick Bird House, and Japanese macaque. Chat with other users, take photos/videos, and even attend a talk with a zoo expert! The chat schedule is listed on each species’ stream page.
What are those blurred-out areas?

Zoolife pixelates areas where zoo guests are visible near animal habitats. They do this for all partners, not only to protect guest privacy, but also to create consistency across the experience when different institutions may have different privacy policies.

Questions? Technical issues?

Contact us
As always, Lincoln Park Zoo animals always may determine how they spend time in their habitat, and whether to be in public view or private space. We cannot guarantee that animals will be visible on our cams at all times.