ADOPT an Animal

Japanese macaques in exhibit

Animals Depend On People Too

We prioritize animal care and welfare above all else. For each animal, our staff provides specially formulated diets, introduces stimulating habitat elements, tracks their behavior, and performs regular checkups. ADOPTing is one of the many ways you can support our continued commitment and make an impact on an animal’s life.

Big and Small, We Care for All

ADOPT an Animal

From the towering giraffe to the tunnel-dwelling meerkat, some of the world’s most unique species roam Africa’s diverse ecosystems. ADOPT a giraffe, pygmy hippo, African painted dog, aardvark, eastern black rhino, or meerkat to ensure their care at Lincoln Park Zoo and support their conservation in the wild!

ADOPT an Animal package including plush, photograph, and certificate
A giraffe plush ADOPT with certificate. 


$60 (shipping included) 
  • Plush of your chosen animal
  • Personalized certificate of ADOPTion
  • Printed animal fact sheet
  • 4×5 photograph of your animal
  • Magnetized photo frame

Regular ADOPT

$50 (shipping included)  
  • Personalized certificate of ADOPTion
  • Printed animal fact sheet
  • 4×5 photograph of your animal
  • Magnetized photo frame

Digital ADOPT

$40 (delivered via email)  
  • High-resolution JPG photograph of your animal
  • Printable, personalized PDF certificate of ADOPTion
  • Printable PDF animal fact sheet

Plush ADOPT & Individual Membership 

$125 (shipping included)  

Plush ADOPT package, plus…

  • $9 flat-rate parking fee every time you visit the zoo
  • Invitations to sneak previews and members-only events
  • Discounts on education programs and at zoo retail and food venues

A Preview of the Plushes

Aardvark plush
Armadillo plush
African painted dog plush
African Painted Dog
African penguin plush
African Penguin
American beaver plush
American Beaver
Bactrian camel plush
Bactrian Camel
Baringo giraffe plush
Black-and-white colobus plush
Black-and-white Colobus Monkey
Chimpanzee plush
Eastern black rhinoceros plush
Eastern Black Rhinoceros
Farm-in-the-zoo plush
Fennec fox plush
Fennec Fox
Grey seal plush
Grey Seal
Grevy's zebra plush
Grevy's Zebra
Hippopotamus plush
Hoffmann's two-toed sloth plush
Hoffmann's Two-toed Sloth
Japanese macaque plush
Japanese Macaque
Laughing kookaburra plush
Laughing Kookaburra
Naked mole rat plush
Naked Mole Rat
North American river otter plush
North American River Otter
Ostrich plush
Polar bear plush
Polar Bear
Puerto Rican parrot plush
Puerto Rican Parrot
Red kangaroo plush
Red Kangaroo
Red wolf plush
Red Wolf
Snowy owl plush
Snowy Owl
Western lowland gorilla plush
Western Lowland Gorilla
Baby western lowland gorilla plush
Western Lowland Gorilla Baby