Wish List

This month’s Wish List highlights the hardworking dads at Lincoln Park Zoo! While settling into the warmer weather of a Chicago summer, all animals at the zoo will enjoy special enrichment and nutritious treats this month! Thank you for your support!

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Fly Like an Eagle

A symbol of freedom and hope, these imposing birds range up to 3 feet in height and boast a wingspan measuring 7–8 feet. In addition to fish, bald eagles prey on small mammals and other birds, such as quail. Provide a gourmet meal of fresh quail for bald eagle Ethan!

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World Chimp Day

July 14 is World Chimpanzee Day. Whether it’s through conservation efforts in the Goualougo Triangle or campaigns to improve the welfare of the 1,000+ chimpanzees living in the U.S., scientists at Lincoln Park Zoo are committed to helping this species across the globe. Show your support of the chimp troops at Lincoln Park Zoo by buying a share of their favorite produce and chow today!

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World Snake Day

In honor of World Snake Day on July 16, provide the serpents at the zoo with a buggy bite they’re sure to love. Each week, keepers distribute over 50,000 insects to the snakes and other insectivores at Regenstein Small Mammal-Reptile House. The eastern massasauga rattlesnake, for example, enjoys them as an excellent source of sustainable protein. Celebrate the snakes with some irresistible insects!

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“Shell”-ebrate Summer!

Reaching up to 9 feet tall and 285 pounds, the ostrich is the largest living bird and the fastest bird on land. To ensure proper nutrition for resident ostrich Willow, Lincoln Park Zoo provides a diet of seeds and plants and supplements her daily fare with oyster shells to boost calcium intake. Help shell out some oyster shells for Willow!

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Happy Birthday Kapuki!

This month we celebrate Eastern black rhino Kapuki’s birthday on July 7. As part of her care, keepers give Kapuki an omega-3 fatty acid supplement that benefits her overall health and wellbeing. Share this nutritious gift with Kapuki to celebrate her birthday!

Happy Birthday Finely!

On July 25, Lincoln Park Zoo celebrates one of its tallest residents! This giraffe will be celebrating his eighth birthday. Help Finely and his companion Rae celebrate with their tried-and-true favorite: hay!

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Panda “Paw”-ty

On July 6, red panda Xiaobo celebrates his fifth birthday! Add a level of fun to his celebration with a new honeycomb feeder. Honeycomb feeders feature holes that encourage him to use his problem-solving skills to reach yummy treats inside. Wish Xiaobo a happy birthday with a new feeder!

14 Shares Needed
Red, White, and Blueberry

The two male Puerto Rican parrots at Lincoln Park Zoo are the first of their species to live in the continental U.S. as a part of a managed population recovery effort. In the wild, they feast on seeds, nuts, bark, and nectar found in the forest canopy. Keepers provide the birds with a variety of fruits, including blueberries! Purchase a delicious snack for these beautiful birds.

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They Say It’s Your Birthday, Amare!

It’s time to celebrate one of our beloved bachelors! Celebrate Amare’s birthday on July 26 with heavy-duty toys for some old-fashioned gorilla play, like a bobbin-shaped one made with durable plastic. It moves unpredictably as it wobbles around, allowing the bachelor troop to toss it, kick it, or push it across their habitat. Treat Amare to some tougher-than-tough enrichment for his birthday!

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Made in the Shade

At Lincoln Park Zoo, horticulture experts work hard to make sure the gardens and trees on grounds are flourishing year-round. They partner with the Animal Care team to select and tend to the live plants throughout the animal habitats as well. During the summer, the Horticulture team will place trees in spaces like the white-cheeked gibbon habitat. Help keep the animals cool this summer with some shady plants!

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Summer BBQ

Ribs may be a summer barbecue staple, but at Lincoln Park Zoo, ribs serve as enrichment to support oral health for our dwarf mongooses! Fork over some hearty ribs for a chewy chow time!

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Hoppy Meal

Crickets are a food staple for many of the animals who reside at Lincoln Park Zoo—particularly the residents of Regenstein Small Mammal-Reptile House. Before they become dinner, however, the zoo cares for these crickets just like any other animal. Crickets receive a complete cricket feed, giving them the nutrition they need to thrive and stay healthy as they prepare to become part of the food chain and nourish other animals. Aid the animals with some cricket feed to keep the food chain moving!

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