Bali myna standing on a branch in exhibit

Avian Reintroduction and Translocation Database (2005-2010)

Two Bali mynas in exhibit


By providing a single source for information on avian reintroductions and translocations, the Avian Reintroduction and Translocation Database enables researchers and wildlife managers to learn from the past to achieve better results in the future.


Reintroduction is a powerful conservation tool for the restoration of endangered species. In partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the zoo developed a database on avian reintroduction and translocation programs that can help guide the design of future reintroductions, characterize past reintroduction practices, and compare and contrast procedures across programs.

The Avian Reintroduction and Translocation Database contains data that can be used by scientists, scholars, and interested members of the public to better understand past avian reintroduction projects. This conservation resource holds data from more than 2,000 releases at nearly 400 sites around the globe.

Please note: Lincoln Park Zoo no longer updates the Avian Reintroduction and Translocation Database. However, researchers and practitioners can still use this archived version as a resource.


Senior Director of Population Ecology
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