Regenstein Birds Of Prey

Regenstein Birds of Prey is where guests will find some of the most intriguing and powerful birds in the world.

Comprised of three free-flight habitats, Regenstein Birds of Prey is where guests can view cinereous vultures, European white storks, Himalayan monals, bald eagles and snowy owls from outdoor viewing areas. Characteristics typical of birds of prey are sharp-hooked bills and talons for capturing small animals and feeding on carrion.

Fast Facts

OPENED: 1989
COST: $600,000 in The Landmark Campaign
SIZE: 4,515 square feet
LOCATION: North of Main Mall and directly south of McCormick Bird House

Exhibit Features

  • Three free-flight exhibits with heated behind-the-scenes dens.
  • Water features and ample perch and ground space.

Viewing Area Features

  • Outdoor, open-air, wrap around viewing area.

Featured Wildlife

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