McCormick Bird House

McCormick Bird House

Explore the fascinating world of birds and experience free flight at McCormick Bird House.

McCormick Bird House teaches guests about the incredible variety of birds across the world. Guests will be able to see certain species of birds that are extinct, threatened, or endangered in the wild and learn about Lincoln Park Zoo’s efforts to preserve and protect these populations. Lincoln Park Zoo’s original Bird House, designed by the zoo’s first director, Cyrus DeVry, opened in 1904.

Renovated in 1991 and renamed McCormick Bird House, the historic building now features ten habitats and 45 species of birds. Naturalistic exhibits replicate a range of ecosystems from dense tropical jungles, sandy sea coasts and humid forests, to grassy wetlands and savanna plains. There is a tropical free-flight aviary, where guests can experience the wonders of the winged world, observing more than 15 bird species participating in species-specific behaviors.

Daily free flight feeding, interpreted by our Learning Staff, takes place in this area as well. During this programming, guests will witness Lincoln Park Zoo’s expert animal care in action. The free-flight feeding schedule is subject to change.

Fast Facts

OPENED: 1904; renovated 1991
COST: $2.8 million renovation in 1991
SIZE: 18,000 square feet
LOCATION: North of Main Mall and the Regenstein Birds of Prey exhibit; east of Regenstein African Journey

Exhibit Features

  • Ten naturalistic habitats replicating a variety of ecosystems including dense tropical jungles, sandy coasts, humid forests, grassy wetlands and savanna plains.
  • A free-flight aviary with more than 15 species of birds and beautiful tropical plants and water features.
  • More than three dozen bird species, including species that are extinct in the wild, such as Guam rails and Guam kingfishers.

Viewing Area Features

  • Up-close and even open-air encounters with colorful and fascinating bird species.
  • The free-flight aviary immerses guests in the lush tropical world of more than 15 bird species.
  • A window into the diet preparation area allows guests to observe Lincoln Park Zoo keepers behind the scenes as they care for the birds at McCormick Bird House.
  • All viewing is indoors.

Featured Wildlife

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