Kimberly Rivera, M.S.

Conservation & Science
Urban Wildlife Institute
Urban Wildlife Information Network Coordinator
  • B.S. – Environmental Science, University of Delaware
  • M.S. –Biological and Ecosystem Science, University of Rhode Island

Areas of Expertise

  • Urban wildlife ecology and conservation
  • Human-wildlife interactions and mitigation
  • Ecological statistics and modeling


Originally from the suburbs of New York City, New York, Kimberly has been lucky to call many places home. Since graduating from the University of Delaware with a degree in Environmental Science, she has worked on a variety of conservation and research-based projects. From the deserts of the Mojave and the boreal forests of Minnesota to the rainforests of Madagascar and the streets of Chicago, she enjoys studying and conserving all the amazing ecosystems that exist on our planet.

Kimberly completed her M.Sc. at the University of Rhode Island conducting research in the Biological and Environmental Sciences program. She worked in the Applied Quantitative Ecology Lab under Brian Gerber, Ph.D., alongside international partners such as the Mad Dog Initiative and the Urban Wildlife Institute. Her research was focused on understanding the impacts of human disturbance on fossa in Madagascar and coyotes in Chicago. She also investigated people’s values regarding coyotes and interaction with these canines in Rhode Island through online surveys and quantitative analyses.

​More generally, Kimberly is interested in supporting biodiversity across all habitats, especially as that pertains to understanding and mitigating human-wildlife interactions and supporting sensitive/endangered species. She plans to continue studying and supporting these systems through research and outreach in Chicago and beyond.


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  • Rivera, K., Fidino, M., Farris, Z.J., Magle, S.B, Murphy, A., Gerber, B. (in press). Rethinking mammal habitat occupancy modeling and the role of diel activity in an anthropogenic world. BioRxiv. Preprint Available:
  • Rivera, K., Gerber, B.D., and Farris, Z.J. (in press). Eupleres goudotii, small-toothed civet, falanouc. In S.M. Goodman (Ed.) The new natural history of Madagascar. Princeton: Princeton University Press.
  • Buler, J., J. Smolinsky, & Rivera, K. (2016) Radar analysis and mapping of migratory bird stopover use in North Carolina. Cooperative Agreement WM-0293 Final Report. North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.
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