#RhinoWatch: Calf Takes First Few Steps Outside

June 18, 2019

#RhinoWatch continues! Lincoln Park Zoo’s eastern black rhino calf had access to his outdoor habitat at Regenstein African Journey today and made his zoo debut.

The calf appeared eager to explore the new sights, scents, and sounds, but was hesitant to explore his outdoor habitat. After a few steps, he ran back inside to be near his mother, Kapuki.

Since his birth on May 19, the calf and Kapuki have been bonding behind the scenes at Regenstein African Journey.

While the calf made his debut today, rhino access to the outdoor habitat is weather dependent. For the health and safety of Kapuki and the calf, they will have the choice to explore their outdoor habitat if the weather is above 60 degrees and dry until the calf grows in size and strength. While the rhinos may have outdoor access, they may also choose to spend their time behind the scenes as they continue to adjust to the new changes.

Lincoln Park Zoo members can attend a members-only private calf viewing June 26–27 from 10 a.m.–noon with special programming. Not a member? It’s the perfect time to join and welcome the little one!

Interested in helping care for Kapuki and the calf all year long? ADOPT a black rhino!

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