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Fall/Winter 2022

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Lincoln Park Zoo Magazine: Fall/Winter 2022


african lion on rock
Animals & Gardens, Zoo News
March 7, 2024
#LomelokWatch: A Lion Cub Timeline
Lomelok, a very special lion at Lincoln Park Zoo, just had surgery to fix a slipped disc that may be related to a health condition he has had since birth. Updated April 23.
pink hardy hibicus with chicago buildings in the background
Animals & Gardens, Learning
February 13, 2024
Horticulture and Hardiness Zones
The USDA Plant Hardiness Zones have changed. Here’s how this affects Lincoln Park Zoo and what it means for Chicago gardeners.
lion cub chewing on meaty bone
Animals & Gardens
January 16, 2024
A Zoo Birthday Bash: Pesho, Sidai, and Lomelok
The lion cubs celebrated their first birthday on January 9. Because of snow in the area, not everyone was able to come for the festivities, but you can enjoy them virtually now!
Animals & Gardens
November 1, 2023
Spotlight on: Pygmy Slow Loris
More than a decade ago, slow lorises captured public attention when a social media post featuring one of these tiny primates raising her arms in response to being tickled went viral—a cute reaction that went unrecognized as a sign of…
Animals & Gardens
October 19, 2023
Horticulture Happenings This Fall
It’s fall, y’all! As the seasons change, that means an update from our Horticulture team, which keeps the zoo landscape healthy and beautiful no matter what time of year it is. If you’ve been here, you’ve certainly seen how the…
Animals & Gardens
August 15, 2023
Sounds and Stressors: How Does the Air & Water Show Affect Zoo Primates?
During the weekend of August 19-20 (with rehearsals on August 18), huge crowds of over a million spectators will take spots along the lakefront at places like Navy Pier, Museum Campus, and North Avenue and Oak Street beaches to view the free aerial excitement. There are lots of crowds—and there’s plenty of noise.
Animals & Gardens
July 20, 2023
5 Flowers You Can See at the Zoo During Summer Wine Fest
If you haven’t gotten your tickets for Summer Wine Fest on Friday, July 28, you’re going to want to get on that immediately. Not only will you be able to indulge in 20 tastings from the more than 50 wines and cocktails that will be available on grounds while enjoying a party of epic proportions, you’ll be able to experience exciting animals and beautiful gardens
Animals & Gardens, Zoo News
June 15, 2023
7 “Hidden” Things to Do at Lincoln Park Zoo
The zoo is a beautiful oasis in summer, full of life and activity—both human and animal. On a day like today, you may be able to see the flamingos resting at Hope B. McCormick Swan Pond, or the giraffes walking around at Regenstein African Journey, or the seals swimming leisurely about Kovler Seal Pool.
Animals & Gardens, Conservation
April 26, 2023
Arbor Day at Lincoln Park Zoo
Arbor Day was first celebrated in the Nebraska Territory in 1872 as a tree-planting holiday for settlers to the area. More than 1 million trees were planted in Nebraska on that first holiday. After that, more and more states joined the celebration.
Animals & Gardens
April 3, 2023
An Extravagance of Tulips
As spring arrives, some of the first flowers you’ll see blooming at Lincoln Park Zoo will be tulips, whose arrival will herald the coming of the season
Animals & Gardens, Zoo News
March 16, 2023
Lion Cub Names Revealed!
Get ready to roar the names of the three male lion cubs born January 9! The cubs were named in partnership with several Ilchokuti (Ill-cho-koo-tee) or “lion guardians” who are Maasai community members that work in Tanzania alongside Lincoln Park…
Animals & Gardens, Zoo News
February 23, 2023
#LionWatch: The Three Lion Cubs Are All Male!
If you have been following Lincoln Park Zoo’s updates on the lion cubs born January 9 to African lioness Zari, you know that they have been growing in strength, exploring the indoor area outside of their den, and meeting important milestones behind the scenes.
Animals & Gardens
February 2, 2023
Incredible Iguanas
If you’re hooked into the running community, you may already have heard: this year’s Run for the Zoo logo features the Jamaican iguana, the largest land animal native to that tourist-friendly country. The iguana’s image will appear on this year’s T-shirts and the Supporter Medal, a beautiful keepsake you can get for a $25 donation.
Animals & Gardens
December 12, 2022
Life and Legacy: Bur Oaks And Other Trees At Lincoln Park Zoo
You may have seen that the 250- to 300-year old bur oak (Quercus macrocarpa) on Lincoln Park Zoo’s South Lawn is at the natural end of its life—the news has been featured in local news outlets, such as WTTW. As…
Animals & Gardens
September 23, 2022
Glorious Gorillas
The great care provided to the western lowland gorillas at Lincoln Park Zoo represents just a small amount of the innovative work our Animal Care staff, scientists, Veterinary staff and others do for this charismatic primate species. Now, in recognition…
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