Guam rail in exhibit
Scientific Name
Hypotaenidia owstoni
Estimated Wild Population
Less than 100
Guam rail in exhibit Endangered Status Graph - Critically Endangered Endangered Status Graph - Critically Endangered

More Information

Physical Description

Flightless birds, Guam rails are mostly dark brown but have white stripes on their belly. Their compact body enables them to move rapidly through dense vegetation. In the wild, they hunts snails, insects, and lizards. They are territorial and will aggressively defend their area against other birds.

Interesting Fact 1

Guam rails, once widespread on the island of Guam, were considered extinct in the wild until recently.

Interesting Fact 2

Since 2010, 26 mature birds have been released into the wild on Coocos Island as part of a captive breeding program.

Interesting Fact 3

They are only the second bird species to move in a positive direction on the IUCN Red List, which rates the wild population health of many species.