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Animal Fact Sheet

Chilean Flamingo

With tall, thin legs and a long, flexible neck, Chilean flamingos can reach up to 40 inches in height. They live in large flocks in the wild and require crowded conditions to stimulate breeding. During breeding season, males and females display a variety of behaviors to attract mates, including swiveling their heads from side to…

Animal Fact Sheet


Chimpanzees range in color from black to gray, and each individual’s face features a unique blend of colors, hairlines, and facial hair. These omnivores feed primarily on fruits, insects, and small animals, including other primates. They live in large “fission-fusion” societies, frequently splintering into smaller groups and re-gathering. Males establish a hierarchy that influences breeding,…


Chimpanzee ‘Actors’ Find Reprieve at Lincoln Park Zoo

When Wildlife Waystation, an unaccredited wildlife facility in California, closed in August 2019, more than 40 chimpanzees were left in need of long-term care. Lincoln Park Zoo is proud to share that Regenstein Center for African Apes will be home to two of the chimpanzees, Eli and Susie, beginning this spring. “A group of zoo…

Animal Fact Sheet

Chinese Hwamei

Chinese hwameis have rich brown and ochre plumage; a dusky yellow bill; and strong, yellowish legs. Males and females closely resemble each other, and adults can measure up to nine inches long. Females lay clutches of three to four eggs and are primarily responsible for incubation, a period of about 12 days. They make cup-like…

Animal Fact Sheet

Cinereous Vulture

Cinereous vultures can stand up to three feet tall and have a wingspan measuring up to 10 feet across. They have dark brown feathers with a dull blue head, neck, and bill. As scavengers, cinereous vultures feed on carrion, ranging from large mammals to fish and reptiles. They build their nests in trees and on…

Animal Fact Sheet

Collared Finch-billed Bulbul

Collared finch-billed bulbuls have a blue head, white-streaked cheeks, and a white band around the front of their throat. These birds feature a thick ivory bill and an olive-green body, which help them blend into their treetop habitat. They are typically monogamous, and females build cup-shaped nests in trees.

Garden Fact Sheet

Conservation & Science Gardens

Framed by mature and young river birch, a diverse scope of ornamental plants, both native and non-native, fill the Conservation & Science Gardens just north of McCormick Bird House.


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