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Animal Fact Sheet

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

Madagascar hissing cockroaches are large, wingless insects with a dark brown exoskeleton and orange markings on their abdomen. Males have large bumps or horns behind their head, while females have smaller bumps. Like most cockroaches, they are nocturnal insects, hiding under debris or in tree bark during the day. Madagascar hissing cockroaches consume rotting plants,…

Animal Fact Sheet

Madagascar Tree Boa

Madagascar tree boas are medium-sized snakes measuring up to five feet in length. Females are usually larger than males, but both have green-brown scales that feature dark patches with a white or yellow center. They are nocturnal, hunting their prey at night. These solitary snakes only come together to breed. Females are viviparous, meaning they…

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Main Mall

The epic centerpiece of the zoo with views of African lions, harbor seals, and the historic Eadie Levy’s Landmark Café.

Animal Fact Sheet

Mandarin Duck

Mandarin ducks are sexually dimorphic, meaning males and females differ in appearance. Males are very colorful—they have a dark purple chest with black and white stripes, brown wings with a bue-green edge, and a long brown and white crown. Their coloration helps males attract less-colorful females, which have brownish-black plumage with white markings around their…

Animal Fact Sheet

Masked Lapwing

Masked lapwings have a bright yellow bill and face, a black crown, a white throat and chest, and gray wings. These birds spend much of their time on the ground searching for worms and insects. They even build their nests on the ground, and defend them by swooping at nearby animals and people.

Exhibit Fact Sheet

McCormick Bird House

Birds from the tropics, seashores, forests, wetlands, and savannas all have room to roost at McCormick Bird House.

Animal Fact Sheet


Meerkats, small members of the mongoose family, have long and slender profiles that allow them to easily dig and move through intricate underground tunnel networks They have a tan coat and gray face, plus dark ears and eye patches. These carnivorous mammals hunt insects, eggs, and very small animals. Nonbreeding members of each group often…

Animal Fact Sheet

Midland Painted Turtle

Midland painted turtles were named for the brightly colored markings on their face and limbs. Individual turtles range from three to 10 inches in length and have relatively flat, yellow-and-green shells.They feed primarily on plants and small water animals—such as fish, crustaceans, and insects—using powerful jaws to grip their food. They often spend winter burrowed…