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Klipspringers are dwarf antelopes measuring 20 inches in height and weighing an average of 24 pounds. Females are larger than males, but males have a small set of pointed horns that can reach four inches in length. These grazing mammals eat grasses, leaves, buds, and fruit found in their rocky habitat. They typically live in…

Exhibit Fact Sheet

Kovler Seal Pool

Kovler Seal Pool’s open-air design includes underwater space with naturalistic rockwork and artificial kelp, underwater lighting to enhance viewing in the evening, and a terrestrial space that allows resident seals to choose between sunny and shady areas.

Animal Fact Sheet

Lake Malawi Cichlid

Lake Malawi cichlids are highly diverse in size, coloration, behavior, and ecology. Their shape ranges from tubular to perch-like to disk-like. Cichlids have a single nostril on each side of their head, incomplete scales on their head, a well-developed dorsal fin, and distinctive pelvic fins. Their mating system also varies from monogamous to polygynous to…

Animal Fact Sheet

Laughing Kookaburra

Laughing kookaburras have a white chest and head, dark brown wings, a brown back, brown stripes around their eyes, and a reddish-colored tail with black bars. They often kill their prey by grasping them with their beak and striking them against their perch. These birds live in territorial groups of three or more birds. Mature…

Animal Fact Sheet

Leopard Gecko

Leopard geckos are ground-dwelling lizards with dull yellow skin covered in black spots. Their skin is very durable, which provides protection from the rocky grassland terrain of their dry environment, and their dorsal side is covered with small bumps, which gives a rough texture and appearance. In the few days after shedding, their skin turns…


Lincoln Park Zoo Magazine: Winter 2015

In This Issue: Lincoln Park Zoo's first-ever red panda cubs, Clark and Addison, spent months behind the scenes before making a colorful debut this fall.


Lincoln Park Zoo Stays Free Through 2050

Lincoln Park Zoo has been, and will always be, a magical place: a free oasis in the heart of Chicago, dedicated to connecting people to nature and creating environments where wildlife can thrive. For 127 years, the zoo was managed by the Chicago Park District and operated under the City of Chicago’s budget. In 1995,…

Animal Fact Sheet

Luzon Bleeding Heart Dove

Luzon bleeding heart doves are white-breasted birds with a gray back and black wing bands, which provide a sharp contrast to their bright red chest plumage. Males attract mates by puffing out their chest to display bright red markings. These birds feed on the forest floor, where they gather seeds, berries, insects, and worms. They…