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Animal Fact Sheet

Jamaican Iguana

Jamaican iguanas are large, grayish lizards with a green or blue tint, olive-green colorations around their shoulders, and dark triangle-shaped blotches down their dorsal crest. Males can grow up to 17 inches long, while females reach only 15 inches. They are mildly dimorphic: males possess large femoral pores beneath their thighs that release pheromones, while…

Animal Fact Sheet

Jambu Fruit Dove

Brightly colored birds, jambu fruit doves have a bright orange break and green markings on their back, wings, and tail. They are sexually dimorphic, meaning males and females differ in appearance. Males have a crimson face, a white chest, and a pink patch near their throat while females have a light purple face and green…

Animal Fact Sheet

Japanese Macaque

Japanese macaques are medium-sized primates with a thick coat that insulates them during cold winters. Their compact body and stumpy tail help reduce heat loss and risk of frostbite. They are also referred to as “snow monkeys” due to their prevalance in colder locales. They have a distinctive red face that grows brighter during breeding…

Animal Fact Sheet


Kagus are large flightless birds that can reach up to two feet in height. Males and females both have blueish-gray plumage, orange beaks and legs, and red eyes. During courtship displays and territorial disputes, males display a large crest of feathers above their head. They feed on insects and lizards on the forest floor.

Animal Fact Sheet

Kenya Sand Boa

Kenya sand boas have alternating orange-and-brown speckled patterns running down the length of their back. They are sexually dimorphic, meaning males and females differ in appearance. Females can grow up to 32 inches long while males max out at 15 inches. They spend much of their time hiding beneath the sand, under stones, and in…