Red River Hog

April 29, 2021

There’s a new addition at Regenstein African Journey! Female red river hog Zamu has joined resident male Nox. She is doing well and continues to explore her new habitat.

Zamu was born at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in 2012. She was recommended to come to Lincoln Park Zoo to pair with Nox by the Red River Hog Species Survival Plan® (SSP). Like most red river hogs, Zamu is very curious and has been eager to participate in positive reinforcement training with Animal Care staff.

How can you distinguish Zamu from Nox on your next visit to the zoo? Zamu is slightly smaller and her orange coloration is a bit brighter.

As Africa’s smallest and most colorful swine species, red river hogs have reddish bodies with a white stripe running down their back. Both sexes have tusks, but only males have warts in front of their eyes.

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