Red Panda

July 7, 2022

There’s a new face at Pepper Family Wildlife Center! Lincoln Park Zoo has welcomed a 5-year-old female red panda from Franklin Park Zoo. The new arrival, Nisha, joins resident male Xiaobo (3 years old) as recommended by the Red Panda Species Survival Plan®.  

Nisha is doing well and continues to explore her new habitat. 

As part of this recommendation, 3-year-old female Mei Lin has been transferred back to Utica Zoo, where she previously resided before coming to Lincoln Park Zoo.

Contrary to popular belief, red pandas are not related to cats, raccoons, or pandas. According to DNA testing, they are the only living member of the taxonomic family Ailuridae. 

An arboreal species, red pandas spend most of their time in trees. Special adaptations in their wrists and ankles help them grasp branches and climb head-first down tree trunks.  

When you come to visit Nisha and Xiaobo, be sure to look up—the best place to spot them is high within their habitat! 

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