Pygmy Hippopotamus

December 2, 2021

There’s a new arrival at Regenstein African Journey! Lincoln Park Zoo is excited to welcome 22-year-old pygmy hippo Pogo. Pogo arrived from ZooTampa as recommended by the Pygmy Hippopotamus Species Survival Plan® (SSP).

He is doing well and has been engaged in positive reinforcement training sessions with Animal Care staff.

Pygmy hippopotamuses were named for their relatively diminutive stature compared to their much larger cousin, but these semi-aquatic mammals can still reach six feet in length and 600 pounds in weight. Their eyes, ears, and nose are located on top of their head, enabling them to see, smell, and hear while the rest of their body is underwater.

Pygmy hippos are a solitary species. Be sure to stop by Regenstein African Journey to welcome Pogo to his new habitat!

Photo courtesy of Cassy Kutilek.

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