Regenstein African Journey

Regenstein African Journey

Regenstein African Journey takes visitors on an expedition to the lush jungles, lakes, and dry savannas of Africa.

More than an exhibit, Regenstein African Journey is an immersive experience that enables guests to discover the plant, animal and climate diversity of Africa. Visitors are led through four ecosystems, from tropical rainforests, to dusty dry deserts, viewing more than two dozen African species—and some of the most elusive creatures in the world. Home to eastern black rhinoceroses, African painted dogs, dwarf crocodiles and pygmy hippopotamuses, Regenstein African Journey will teach visitors about African wildlife conservation and species diversity.

Recently renovated, Kovler African Savanna expands the outdoor area for Lincoln Park Zoo’s female giraffe and plains zebras by roughly 100 square feet. This area, modeled after the grassland savanna ecosystems of Africa, is designed to house multiple species.

Adjacent to Kovler African Savanna, guests can enjoy a new Kugel fountain, dedicated to late Lincoln Park Zoo Life Trustee Charlie Haffner. A tactile experience, visitors can move the 15-ton ball, which defies the laws of gravity and floats on water. If untouched, the fountain changes directions every six minutes.

Fast Facts

OPENED: 2003; Kovler African Savanna renovated in 2016
COST: $23 million
SIZE: 75,000 square feet
LOCATION: Northern end of the zoo, adjacent to Robert and Mayari Pritzker Penguin Cove

Exhibit Features

  • Immersive and winding journey through four distinct African habitats with more than a dozen different African species—from primates, birds and reptiles to large mammals and even insects and fish.
  • Newly renovated Kovler African Savanna outdoor area, modeled after the grassland savanna ecosystems of Africa, designed to house multiple species.
  • Outdoor space for eastern black rhios, African painted dogs, and red river hogs.

Viewing Area Features

  • Split-level views of terrestrial and aquatic exhibit spaces.
  • Indoor and outdoor exhibit viewing.
  • Water features and lush jungle landscaping.
  • Interactive learning features, including brass animal statues, squishy flooring to imitate damp shorelines and dark caves that give visitors a true feel for the living spaces of the animals.


  • American Zoo and Aquarium AssociationExhibit of the Year Significant Achievement Honor Award – 2005
  • Chicago Building Congress, Finalist: Rehab Construction Category Merit Award – 2004
  • McGraw Hill/Midwest Construction MagazineBest of 2003 Awards: Institutional Project of the Year – 2003

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