Lincoln Park Zoo Welcomes Bundle of New Arrivals

Lincoln Park Zoo Welcomes Bundle of New Arrivals

Zoo Celebrates Birth of a Japanese Macaque, Two Chilean Flamingo Chicks, and other Hatchlings

Chicago (August 13, 2021) — There’s so much to celebrate at the zoo this summer! Lincoln Park Zoo is excited to announce the newest arrivals at the zoo, including the birth of a Japanese macaque infant, two Chilean flamingo chicks, and hatchlings from seven bird species

At Regenstein Macaque Forest, Japanese macaque Mito gave birth to a healthy, male infant on August 3 as part of the Japanese Macaque Species Survival Plan® (SSP). This is Mito’s first pregnancy at Lincoln Park Zoo. The infant continues to pass critical milestones and is doing well. He joins the troop of 13 snow monkeys, including two youngsters, Nikko and Ozu, who were born in 2020 during the zoo’s closure due to the pandemic.

“Infants make for a very active macaque troop and instantly cause zoo visitors to smile and laugh,” said Curator of Primates Jill Moyse. “Since Mito is a first-time mom here at Lincoln Park Zoo, it’s exciting to watch her provide such great care to her infant”.

Over at Flamingo Lagoon, the zoo welcomed two Chilean flamingo chicks as part of the Chilean Flamingo Species Survival Plan® (SSP). Two male chicks hatched, one on July 17 and the other on July 27. The chicks are doing well. Both the adult male and female Chilean flamingos feed their young with a self-produced, milk-like secretion called crop milk. Adjacent to the lagoon, Hope B. McCormick Swan Pond welcomed northern pintail hatchlings.

Bird is the word! Six bird species at Hope B. McCormick Bird House welcomed hatchlings. These species include American avocet, blue-crowned laughingthrush, golden-breasted starling, green broadbill, Inca tern, and Nicobar pigeon.

“It’s an exciting time to visit McCormick Bird House, as there are so many new hatchlings to try and spot,” said Hope B. McCormick Curator of Birds and Wildlife Policy Sunny Nelson. “Blue-crowned laughingthrush haven’t hatched at the zoo since 2009 and green broadbill haven’t hatched at the zoo since 2015. It’s truly a special time here at the zoo”.

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