New Chicks on the Block

August 19, 2021

Bird is the word! Lincoln Park Zoo is excited to announce the arrival of hatchlings from seven bird species.

Over at Flamingo Lagoon, the zoo welcomed two Chilean flamingo chicks as part of the Chilean Flamingo Species Survival Plan® (SSP). Two male chicks hatched, one on July 17 and the other on July 27. The chicks are doing well.

With tall, thin legs and a long, flexible neck, Chilean flamingos can reach up to 40 inches in height. Both male and female Chilean flamingos feed their young with a self-produced, milk-like secretion called crop milk.

Adjacent to Flamingo Lagoon, Hope B. McCormick Swan Pond welcomed northern pintail hatchlings.

And hatchlings from six species can be spotted at Hope B. McCormick Bird House. These species include American avocet, blue-crowned laughingthrush, golden-breasted starling, green broadbill, Inca tern, and Nicobar pigeon.

On your next visit to the zoo, see how many new bird arrivals you can spot!

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