How to Use Lincoln Park Zoo’s Web App

July 2, 2024

Lincoln Park Zoo’s new app is quick to access and easy to use! Simply use your phone to get onto the zoo’s free Wifi network (it’s called LincolnParkZoo_FreeWiFi), set your browser to, and get moving. No download is needed.

Here are some of the ways you can use the web app and its interactive map to enhance your zoo visit.

Get Started

Once you pull up the app, you’ll be able to immediately search, use the map, get visitor information, scan zoo QR codes, and more. Simply scroll down to find out about daily programs, explore the map, find things to do, and locate shopping and food vendors.

The search bar remains at the top, no matter how far down you scroll. And at the bottom of your screen, a green-colored menu lets you return to the app’s main page (just press the Explore button). You can use the menu to go straight to the map, mark your favorite places, and find out more about the animal care that takes place at the zoo (use the Care button with the heart icon).

zoo app main page

For General Information About the Zoo

Once you pull up the app, you’ll see a Get Started prompt followed by a link to the map and then another link to get visitor info. The visitor info link leads you to the Hours & Information page, where you’ll find the zoo’s daily hours and free programming, along with other useful information about your visit.

A similar link is located at the bottom of the page under the Need Assistance? heading. You can also find out how to get to Searle Visitor Center to get first aid, rent strollers or wheelchairs, or obtain other assistance.

zoo app need assistance prompt

Learn About Accessibility Resources

When you scroll down on the general information page, you’ll be able to view accessibility information at Lincoln Park Zoo. You can also simply type in “accessibility” in the search bar.

The accessibility page features resources for people with various disabilities and their families. Find sensory information and tactile opportunities in zoo buildings, locate changing tables, and take advantage of tools such as the Accessibility Map and the Visual Schedule. Simply click on the link you need.

accessibility page on app

Find Out About Animals and Their Care

For information on animal welfare, simply click the heart icon labeled Care at the bottom right of the page. You’ll learn about some of the ways the zoo is pioneering animal care initiatives around the world and right here in the city of Chicago.

You can also use the search bar to look for individual animals. Once you click on the animal, you’ll get a fact sheet—and you can also click Directions so the app can lead you directly to their location at the zoo. Make the animal a Favorite so you can access it easily anytime you’re in the app.

chilean flamingo fact sheet on zoo app, favorited

If you prefer, go to Animals under Explore the Map to look for whole animal classes like fish, amphibians, birds, or mammals. All relevant species at the zoo will show up on the resulting map, and you can click each one for more information.

Navigate Using the Map

Using the map is a great way to find animals, eateries, shopping, rides, restrooms, or the most popular spots at Lincoln Park Zoo. Simply click on Map on the bottom menu bar, then drag with your fingers to zoom out. Once you find a place you want to go, click on it. A pop-up screen will tell you how long it will take you to walk there. Once you start walking, the map tells you where you are in real-time so you can easily find your way. You’re a blue dot, and the route shows up in red.

Whenever you find something interesting in the app, you’ll have an option to Map It, so you can find your way directly there, whether you’re trying to locate an animal habitat or getting chicken tenders for your hungry kids. You can also go to the Explore the Map section for frequently visited places, visit Things to Do to find the day’s demonstrations, or try self-guided tours of Must-See Highlights or Weird & Wonderful animals.

zoo map leading to flamingos

Become More Involved With the Zoo!

Become a member or Adopt an Animal under the Dine & Shop heading. Use links under the Upcoming Events & Programs label to get tickets to events like Summer Wine Fest and Party in White at the Zoo. Or, simply scroll down to Stay in the Know; input your email address to get weekly newsletters with all the news about Lincoln Park Zoo.

zoo app screenshot

Now that you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to explore!


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