Grey Seal

January 21, 2021

Lincoln Park Zoo is excited to announce the arrival of a female grey seal to Kovler Seal Pool. Jersey, the new arrival from the Detroit Zoo, joins grey seal Charles and harbor seals Slater and Storm. Jersey will turn seven in January.

Jersey was born in the wild off the coast of New Jersey. However, as beachgoers continued to feed her, she became dependent on humans and was deemed unreleaseable. She was then rescued and joined the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ grey seal population. Jersey reminds us when it comes to wildlife, the best approach is to observe, don’t disturb.

Grey seals have short necks, widely set nostrils, and few spots compared to some other seals. Adults have two layers of thick fur and a thick blubber layer to keep them warm.

Pictured above are Charles (left) and Jersey (right). Photo courtesy of Allycia Darst

Jersey is doing well and continues to explore her new habitat, as well as bond with her fellow seal pool mates.

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