Paul Senner, M.S.

Conservation & Science
Alexander Center for Applied Population Biology
Population Analyst
  • M.S. – Environment

Areas of Expertise

  • Ecology
  • Ornithology


Paul joined the Alexander Center for Applied Population Biology as a Population Analyst in 2022, having started at the Lincoln Park Zoo as a Population Biologist for the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Population Management Center (PMC) in 2017. At the PMC, Paul was a scientific advisor to over 40 SSP programs, working to promote the demographic and genetic health of wildlife populations at AZA facilities.

At the Alexander Center, Paul applies his knowledge of small population management to the management of wildlife reintroduction and translocation programs. Paul is also interested in the use of molecular genetic data in the conservation of wildlife populations, studbook data management, and researching the factors that influence the success of wildlife reintroduction programs. Paul’s past work focused on the conservation of grassland and wetland birds in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam, whooping crane reintroduction in Wisconsin, and the restoration of tallgrass prairie in the Midwest.


  • Senner, P.W., Barzen, J.A., Silbernagel, J., Larsen, B., & Nguyen-Phuc, H. (2022). Changes in avian community composition at a restored floodplain grassland in the Mekong Delta. Waterbirds, 44(4), 526-538.
  • Gray, S.M., Faust, L.J., Senner, P., Eebes, K.S., & Che-Castaldo, J.P. (2022). Influence of institutional attributes on fulfillment of transfer and breeding recommendations in zoos and aquariums. Zoo Biology, 1-8. Epub ahead of print.
  • Lynch, C. & Senner, P. (2018). Genetics in population management. Animal Keeper’s Forum, 45(11-12), 318-321.
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