Dan Boehm

Animal Care
Animal Management
Curator of Small Mammal-Reptile House, Children’s Zoo, Camel & Zebra
B.S. – Biology, University of Wisconsin

Areas of Expertise

  • Captive reproduction of small mammals and reptiles
  • Captive management of small mammals and reptiles
  • Exhibit design and fabrication


Dan began his career at Lincoln Park Zoo in 1998 as an animal keeper at Regenstein Small Mammal-Reptile House and was promoted to assistant lead keeper of that building in 2001. In 2004, he was promoted to zoological manager of both Small Mammal-Reptile House and Pritzker Family Children’s Zoo, which opened to the public in 2005. Dan played a critical role in the design, construction, and opening of the new space.

Now, as the curator of Small Mammal-Reptile House, Children’s Zoo, and Camel & Zebra area, he is responsible for the care of 85 very diverse animal species and a team of 19 animal keepers.

Dan is also the Species Survival Plan® (SSP) studbook keeper for the eastern massasauga rattlesnake population and is actively involved in the monitoring of wild populations of massasaugas in the United States.

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