Regenstein macaque forest

Regenstein Macaque Forest

Regenstein Macaque Forest is a premier habitat for Lincoln Park Zoo’s thriving troop of Japanese macaques, also known as snow monkeys. As the most northern-living non-human primates on Earth, wild snow monkeys endure harsh winters in their native Japan and live in troops of up to 100 members. Snow monkeys are well equipped for Chicago’s climate, and Regenstein Macaque Forest has special features—including a hot spring, running stream, and various microclimates—to provide the monkeys with various temperature choices.

Researchers at Lincoln Park Zoo’s Lester E. Fisher Center for the Study and Conservation of Apes continue to learn more about these complex primates in order to promote their welfare and understand their cognitive abilities by conducting touchscreen research, in which snow monkeys voluntarily engage in cognition and problem-solving studies.

Commitment to Care

Animals may not be visible at all times. To promote positive animal welfare, we provide animals with choices. They can choose to spend time in areas that are out of public view.

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Wildlife face many daunting challenges—some global, like planet-wide climate change, and some that affect individuals, like an animal ingesting plastic—but now is not the time to despair. None of these problems are too big for us to come together and solve.

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