African penguin in exhibit African penguin in exhibit

Choose Sustainable Seafood

Although the oceans and their resources seem vast and untapped, in reality, 90 percent of the world’s fisheries are being fully or over exploited—or have already collapsed. This is because of the increasingly industrial scale of fishing, more efficient fishing methods, and large problems with bycatch (catching and discarding unintended species). But, by carefully managing these resources, we can revitalize fish stocks and ensure their long-term health.

A Global Concern

These collapses impact the fishing communities and people that rely on fish in their diets, but also the animal species that eat fish. Some species at Lincoln Park Zoo, such as the African penguins, are facing extinction in the wild because of overfishing and climate change, which negatively impact their food sources and force them to forage farther from their breeding colonies to feed their chicks and meet their own nutritional needs.

African penguins standing near the water's edge in exhibit

Take Action With Us

Front screen of the Seafood Watch app displayed on a iPhone

Tap the App

Buy sustainable fish by using the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch app, which differentiates between “Best Choices,” “Good Alternatives,” and what to “Avoid”. You can use these recommendations whether shopping or dining out.

African penguins swimming in exhibit

Diversify Your Diet

Shrimp, canned tuna, and salmon comprise more than half of the seafood Americans consume. Check the Seafood Watch app to learn which fisheries are sustainable or look for other “Best Choice” or “Good Alternative” options.

African penguin chick in exhibit

Speak Up

Ask if your grocery store or favorite restaurant sells sustainable seafood. If not, request that they provide and clearly label sustainable options. If they need more information, direct them to the Seafood Watch program, which also includes business-focused resources. As customers, our demands can help drive businesses to change.

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Spread the Word

Tell friends and family, both in conversation and on social media, how sustainable seafood choices benefit oceans and people. Follow the zoo’s social media channels to see relevant updates on how you can Take Action With Us, and share those updates on your channels.