Accreditation: The Gold Standard

Picture Perfect: Setting Standards for Animal Imagery

Enterprises in Enrichment

Enrichment is a vital part of animal care and has been for decades. It’s a way of encouraging animals to use their senses and natural instincts so that they act in species-specific ways.

The World Beneath Your Feet

It’s the whole other world happening above your head and below your feet. Whether or not you’ve paid attention, the historic trees across zoo grounds are an integral part of what makes this park an oasis in the middle of the city.

A Global Expansion

The world’s largest urban wildlife monitoring alliance, known as the Urban Wildlife Information Network, has now expanded to 42 cities across three continents—working to help people and wildlife coexist in urban areas.

A Hole New World

Step Inside the Savanna

Thanks to the zoo’s Horticulture team, zoogoers can immerse themselves in a savanna-like atmosphere at Pepper Family Wildlife Center. Landscape design of the habitat was specially crafted to mimic an African lion’s native range.

Leaving a Legacy

We give a sincere thank you to Kevin Bell for serving as Lincoln Park Zoo’s President and CEO for the last 26 years.

The Pride of Chicago

On an unusually warm evening for a Chicago fall, the clouds filled the sky, a sign of the rain to come. As the sun set, amber and coral cumulus mountains formed in the distance, casting a golden hour glow on the cityscape. It would seem like just another night in Chicago if it weren’t for…

Winter Wonders at the Zoo