Black-and-white Colobus Monkey

December 2, 2021

Lincoln Park Zoo is excited to announce the arrival of a black-and-white colobus monkey at Helen Brach Primate House! The female infant was born on November 12 to dam Kutaka and sire Keanjaha as recommended by the Guereza Colobus Species Survival Plan® (SSP).

The infant is doing well and continues to pass critical milestones. She joins the troop of five, including dam Kutaka, sire Keanjaha, and siblings E.B., Ruka, and Nola.

Colobus monkeys are an arboreal species, meaning they prefer to live in tree canopies. At the zoo, Animal Care specialists help to promote this natural behavior by maximizing the use of vertical space in their habitat with high platforms and branches for resting, as well as providing feeding opportunities in elevated areas.

Be sure to stop by Helen Brach Primate House to welcome the infant to her new habitat!

Image courtesy of Emma Ziolkowski.

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