Virgin Islands Boa

Scientific Name
Chilabothrus granti
Geographic Range
Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
Small mammals, reptiles, insects
Endangered Status Graph - Endangered Endangered Status Graph - Endangered

More Information

Virgin Island boas are on the small side for constrictors, with brown coloring and dark blotches partially edged in black. This coloring allows them to easily hide in subtropical dry forests. They are considered secretive and harmless.

Did You Know?

  • Virgin island boas are one of the oldest inhabitants of the island and have been part of their ecosystem for centuries. They are crucial for rodent and pest control.
  • They are easily identified within their range, as they are the only native snake with this distinctive mottled pattern.
  • Populations of these snakes were affected by habitat destruction and the introduction of predators, including some rats, cats, and mongooses. Reintroductions on certain predator-free islands have helped increase their numbers, but they are still considered endangered.
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