Scientific Name
Various in the order Anura
Geographic Range
North and Central America
Insects and invertebrates; some species may also eat rodents, reptiles, and other animals

More Information

Frogs and toads belong to the amphibian order Anura, which means “without a tail.” This accurately describes an adult frog’s stout, tailless body. There are many kinds of frogs all over the world. They have characteristic bulging eyes and powerful hind limbs with webbed feet, perfect for jumping and navigating aquatic environments. As with all amphibians, frogs must lay their eggs in water. They produce gelatinous egg masses of various shapes and sizes during the breeding season.

Did You Know?

  • Frogs can be very sensitive to environmental changes such as habitat destruction and pollution. The presence of frogs is a great indicator that an ecosystem is healthy.
  • The species you can find at Nature Boardwalk specifically belong to the family Ranidae, also known as true frogs. They include the American bullfrog and the green frog.
  • Frogs are very vocal creatures and use their balloon-like vocal sacs to find mates and establish territory, much like birds. They often call at dusk and at night, so listen for their chorus at Nature Boardwalk.
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