African Painted Dog

November 30, 2020

Lincoln Park Zoo is excited to announce the arrival of two female African painted dogs to Regenstein African Journey. Recommended by the African Painted Dog Species Survival Plan® (SSP), Georgia and Frida, the new arrivals from Zoo Knoxville, will be companions for resident painted dog Mikumi. Georgia and Frida are 1-year-old sisters who were born in January 2019.

Georgia and Frida are quite the inquisitive pair and immediately connected with Mikumi when introduced. The pack was spotted eating together within a half hour and snoozing in the sunshine.

African painted dogs have a richly patterned coat with yellow, white, brown, black, and red markings. This unique species performs a midday greeting, where packmates gather to vocalize and thrust their muzzle into each other’s face. This action helps reinforce their social bond.

Be sure to stop by Regenstein African Journey to see the pack in action!

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