A Touch of Gray at Flamingo Lagoon

October 7, 2021

Lincoln Park Zoo has some ‘im-peck-able’ news! Two male Chilean flamingo chicks that hatched on July 17 and 27 are now visible in their habitat at Flamingo Lagoon. For the past two months, the chicks have been behind-the-scenes passing critical milestones and acclimating to their new environment.

The chicks are easily identifiable by their gray downy feathers. In a few months, they will develop contour feathers, which will also be gray. When the chicks are 2-3 years old, their adult contour feathers will eventually turn pink.

Both parents help care for their offspring. Since the chicks have been visible in their outdoor habitat, Animal Care staff have observed the sires (males) feeding their respective chick and have spotted the dams (females) cuddling with the chicks. The youngsters are currently in the process of learning how to eat from the feeders in their habitat like the rest of the adult flock.

Stop by Flamingo Lagoon to try and spot the youngsters in action!

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