5 Ways to Prepare for Lion Cub Cuteness!

April 6, 2023

1. Get a Membership

If you want to be one of the first people to see these beautiful cubs in their outdoor habitat, become a Lincoln Park Zoo member! Zoo members are invited to two exclusive member events on Friday, April 14 and Saturday, April 15 from 8–10 a.m. as the cubs explore the yard at Pepper Family Wildlife Center with the rest of the pride for the first time.

2. Ready the Camera

Pepper Family Wildlife Center is an expansive space, and we can’t predict where the cubs will want to go if they decide to come out on their debut dates. Your smartphone is a good way to capture images, of course, but for the best image from a distance, you might want to break out your favorite zoom lens and an appropriate filter for shooting through bird-safe glass.

3. Provide for the Lions Through an ADOPT Package or the Wish List

Lincoln Park Zoo provides stellar care for the lions in the pride every single day. You can help! Purchase an ADOPT package and get your own plush lion cub to take home with you that will remind you of your visit to see them for the first time. Or, go to the Wish List to find enrichment and food items you can provide for both Zari and the cubs!

4. Follow us on social media with #Lionwatch!

The month of April has been capricious so far, so it’s hard to know what the conditions will be right for the cubs to come outside. In case the weather is an issue, you can follow the zoo’s social media for updates. And check out these informational videos in preparation for their big debut.

The lion cubs get their first veterinary exam

I for Ilchokuti, featuring the lion guardians who help mitigate human-lion conflict in Tanzania

The lion cubs get their names!

5. Strategize to Find the Best Viewing

Because Pepper Family Wildlife Center is big and has so many viewing areas, you might be wondering where to stand for best viewing of the lions as they come outside. It’s hard to know where the big cats might desire to hang out that day, but there are outdoor viewing shelters on the east and the west sides, and from inside the building you can see other parts of the habitat that might become prime areas for pride activity.

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