The Auxiliary Board

Auxiliary Board of Lincoln Park Zoo

The Auxiliary Board was founded in 1984 to provide supportive funds and services to The Lincoln Park Zoological Society and to aid the Society in its efforts to improve Lincoln Park Zoo. The Auxiliary Board has approximately 100 members between the ages of 25 and 40 who are primarily young professionals from city neighborhoods near the zoo and Chicago’s suburbs.

Events and Fundraising Purpose
Lincoln Park Zoo is one of only three remaining free zoos in the U.S. and the last free major cultural institution in Chicago, opening its gates annually to more than 3.5 million visitors. All funds raised by the Auxiliary Board support the zoo’s operating costs, which helps Lincoln Park Zoo feed its animals, maintain its animal exhibits and remain free 365 days a year.

The Auxiliary Board has evolved into one of Chicago’s most popular fundraising groups. Heralded as the “Tiffany of Auxiliary Boards” and known for “drawing an eclectic crowd” by Today’s Chicago Woman June 2010, the Board hosts fundraising events and one large community service event per year. The Auxiliary Board also provides the perfect conduit for any company to reach young professionals in the coveted 25-45 year-old demographic through the support of key events. If you are interested in sponsoring or donating to any Auxiliary Board event, please contact us at

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Membership Information
Prospective members should be interested in the mission and objectives of the Auxiliary Board and have time to fulfill the responsibilities of membership. Membership requirements include involvement in the Board’s events and attendance at quarterly Board meetings and various committee meetings as needed for event planning and Board operations. Financial responsibilities include paying annual membership dues, supporting fundraising efforts and contributing to Lincoln Park Zoo's Annual Fund. Membership is reserved for individuals aged 25–40 at the time of application.

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The Auxiliary Board's past presidents are honored at the 30th Anniversary Celebration. From left, Keith K. Stocker, Jr., Deborah Ellison Barr, Annessa M. Staab, Keith K. Stocker, Sr., Jennifer P. Martay, John M. Casper (current Auxiliary Board President), Jonathan E. Dedmon, Richard L. Sevcik and Robert R. LeClercq.

Post from the President—An Auspicious Anniversary
President and CEO Kevin Bell offers a tribute to the zoo’s Auxiliary Board as it celebrates its 30th anniversary.