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Fall Fest at Lincoln Park Zoo
Celebrate Fall Fest at the Zoo!

Enjoy harvest-themed fun across the zoo—including a corn maze, Ferris wheel, giant fun slide, bounce house, pumpkin patch and strolling entertainers—on Fridays–Sundays, October 2–18 and Monday, October 12.

Check Ups for Clark and Addison

Red panda cubs Clark and Addison displayed the species’ signature red color—and good health—at their second veterinary exam on August 25.

See More Photos of the Red Panda Cubs

Happy Hatches for Ornate Box Turtles

26 ornate box turtles hatched at Lincoln Park Zoo and Brookfield Zoo recently, boosting efforts to restore this threatened species to its native Illinois home.

See How the Hatchlings Enjoy a Zoo Head Start

New Arrivals

Wondering what's new at the zoo? We're proud to welcome two red panda cubs and a baby Hoffman's two-toed sloth!

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Lincoln Park Zoo News

October 5, 2015
Nurturing Young Scientists

Lincoln Park Zoo nurtures young scientists through initiatives like its Conservation & Science summer internship program.

October 5, 2015
Cotton-Top Close-Up

A cotton-top tamarin grabs a grape at Regenstein Small Mammal-Reptile House. Fruit, insects and nectar make up the diet of this endangered primate, which is native to northwest Colombia.

October 2, 2015
From the Lab to the Reservation

Saving the black-footed ferret from extinction requires cutting-edge science technology, extensive field work and ongoing collaboration between communities and conservationists.

October 2, 2015
Photo of the Week: October 2

European white storks use long, pointed bills to spear prey including frogs, rodents and other small animals. See our stork breeding pair—and the foster chick they reared this summer—at Regenstein Birds of Prey Exhibit.

October 2, 2015
The Emperor Newt’s Clothes

The orange nodes on an emperor newt’s back are venom glands, which produce toxin highly lethal to small animals. Get a closer look at them in this photo.

October 2, 2015
Join Us for Fall Fest!

Fall Fest at Lincoln Park Zoo has started! Join us this Friday-Sunday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. for harvest fun including a pumpkin patch, Ferris wheel, corn maze and more.

October 1, 2015
A Very Tiny Turtle

A tiny ornate box turtle growing up behind-the-scenes at the Kovler Lion House gets its closeup.

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