Virtual School Holiday Camps

Calendar Icon Various Dates
Clock Icon 10 a.m.–noon & 2–3 p.m.
Clock Icon $35 per household per day
$30 for members
Age Icon Grades Pre-K–Grade 4
Chilean flamingos in exhibit


During Virtual School Holiday Camps, Lincoln Park Zoo educators will lead campers through a variety of activities that explore the fun and fascinating world of animals. Each camp day is independent and has a different theme, so campers can choose which days to attend.

All campers will explore the same themes each day but will participate in different hands-on activities appropriate to their age.


A limited number of scholarships are available for Lincoln Park Zoo’s School Holiday Camps.

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Dates & Themes

October 12: Animal Underdogs

Did you know that poison arrow frogs are brightly colored to tell predators that they’re poisonous, or that pygmy hippos release a red liquid through their skin that acts like natural sunscreen? Discover how these and other often-overlooked animals wield strange or hidden adaptations for surviving and thriving in the animal kingdom.

November 6: Predators and Their Prey

What do predators like African penguins and African painted dogs have in common? And how can bright colors on an animal, like a butterfly or a lizard, work as a defense strategy? Come explore how predators are adapted to find and catch prey, and how prey animals are adapted to hide or trick predators, in this action-packed camp!

November 11: Animal Athletes

Can you imagine being able to carry five times your own weight like an ant or leaping as far as a kangaroo? These animal Olympians and many others are the record-holders of the animal kingdom. Come meet some of the fastest, strongest, and smartest creatures on the planet.

December 21: Big and Small

Have you ever wondered why some animals seem larger than life while others could fit in the palm of your hand? Animals both big and small have a huge impact on the world around us, maybe in ways we have yet to discover! Come explore the animal kingdom from a different perspective and learn all about why the teeniest ant and the tallest giraffe are equally amazing.

December 22: Young and Old

The life span of a mayfly is only 24 hours, just long enough to reproduce. On the contrary, a giant tortoise can live well over 100 years! Most animals’ life spans fall somewhere in between, so what makes all these animals so different? Join us as we delve into the world of young and old to find answers to these questions and more!

December 29: Hot and Cold

From the icy cold polar regions to the sweltering hot desert, animals of all kinds have evolved to survive in extreme temperatures. Seals have blubber to keep them warm while hippos sweat to stay cool. In what other ways do animals manage to beat the heat and conquer the cold? Learn all about amazing animal adaptations across the globe.

December 30: Quiet and Loud

When a bird sings, what is it really saying? Animals have many different ways of communicating—chirps, rattles, whoops, and roars are just a few! But sound isn’t the only way animals can “talk” to each other. They also communicate silently through gestures, facial expressions, colors, smells, vibrations, and even heat! Investigate the range of animal communication and what it all means.