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Location, Hours & Directions

Planning Sustainable Populations

Considering Changes Over Generations

By making models of how populations grow and change, zoo scientists ensure healthy futures in zoos and the wild.

Planning Sustainable Populations
The Urban Wildlife Information Network (UWIN) is a partnership of researchers all around the country who use the wildlife monitoring protocols we created here in Chicago to understand the ecology and behavior of their own urban wildlife species.
Zoo scientists are analyzing the future of zoo populations by conducting population viability analyses (PVAs) for Association of Zoos and Aquarium Animal Programs such as Species Survival Plans®. PVAs can help animal managers plan for the future and deter
PopLink is a computer program developed by Lincoln Park Zoo scientists to track data on individual animals over their lifetimes and use that data to help their management.
Zoos across the country cooperate on breeding and transfer plans to ensure healthy populations. In developing PMCTrack, Lincoln Park Zoo scientists have made it possible to evaluate the outcome of every recommendation for the first time.
Developed by Lincoln Park Zoo scientists, ZooRisk assists managers in making scientifically based decisions for animal populations.
Lincoln Park Zoo is lending its population-planning expertise to help the endangered Puerto Rican Parrot continue on its path to recovery.


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