Nature Boardwalk

Nature Boardwalk, once a simple manmade pond, is now a lush, natural, prairie-style garden filled with native plants and brimming with birds, frogs, fish, turtles, insects, and other wildlife.

Swan Pond Waterfall Overlook

Swan Pond Waterfall Overlook, bursting with a wide range of diverse plants, watches over Hope B. McCormick Swan Pond from the north.

Rhino Hillside Garden

Rhino Hillside Garden features clusters of flowering perennials tied together by ribbons of ornamental grasses.

Dream Lady

Dream Lady, enriching the north entrance of Helen Brach Primate House, features an allee of Prairiefire crabapples planted in 2013.

Conservation & Science Gardens

Framed by mature and young river birch, a diverse scope of ornamental plants, both native and non-native, fill the Conservation & Science Gardens just north of McCormick Bird House.

Charles Schwartz Memorial Garden

Charles Schwartz Memorial Garden, redesigned and planted in Spring 2019, sprawls across a hillside overlooked by Park Place Café’s patio.

Chaddick Foundation Welcome Garden

Chaddick Foundation Welcome Garden, planted in Summer 2018, welcomes guests to Pritzker Family Children’s Zoo with a showcase of native perennials.