Travis Gallo, Ph.D.


Conservation & Science


Urban Wildlife Institute


Adjunct Scientist


Ph.D. – Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology, Colorado State University
M.S. – Biology, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi

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Areas of Expertise

  • Conservation science
  • Wildlife ecology
  • Community ecology
  • Population dynamics
  • Science communication


Travis is broadly interested in the drivers of global land-use changes and how they impact animal populations and communities. His knowledge and expertise lie at the nexus of conservation biology, quantitative ecology, and environmental policy.

In a rapidly urbanizing world, cities are often overlooked as important components to conserving biological diversity. Travis works to understand how urban environments—both the physical and social environment—influence animal populations and communities, and how we can further incorporate this new information into future urban planning to help conserve biological diversity in cities.

Conservation problems are complex, involving a variety of environmental and social variables. Therefore, apart from studying animal communities, Travis has and continues to work in the realms of citizen science, science communication, and diversity and equality in conservation science. In general, Travis strives to use science to create better tools for conserving natural systems.


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