Mason Fidino, Ph.D.


Conservation & Science


Urban Wildlife Institute


Quantitative Ecologist


Ph.D. – Ecology and Evolution, Brown Lab, University of Illinois at Chicago
B.S. – Environmental Science with an Emphasis in Terrestrial Ecology, Western Washington University


Areas of Expertise

  • Community and population ecology
  • Computer programming
  • Data visualization
  • Statistics


Mason’s research is in biodiversity informatics. He integrates large and complex data sources, develops novel quantitative techniques, and uses high-performance computing to determine how biodiversity responds to environmental change across multiple spatiotemporal scales. Mason is especially interested in understanding ecological principles in urban environments and, through their research, looks for ways to leverage the vast data sources that exist in cities to answer pressing ecological issues. In addition to their own research, Mason provides statistical support to fellow researchers at Lincoln Park Zoo’s Conservation & Science department and serves as the analytics advisor for the Urban Wildlife Information Network—the world’s first multi-city biodiversity-monitoring network designed to systematically connect ecological findings across cities.


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