Jacqueline Buckley, M.S.


Jackie came to Lincoln Park Zoo from Defenders of Wildlife after six years as a zookeeper at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, where she worked with African wild dogs, spotted hyenas, and masai giraffes. Growing up, local green spaces and zoos accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums were the only way to connect people to their native wildlife and understand wildlife conservation needs around the world.

She has worked in South Africa on wild and domestic animal health and in South America to aid in the plight of the cotton-top tamarins. These experiences served as a catalyst for her to pursue her master’s degree. At Tufts, her main projects focused on the anthropogenic introduction of anticoagulant rodenticides to non-target species, like fishers in the state of Vermont, and using GIS to track changes in red tide in the state of Florida from 2008–2018.

Jackie is excited to collaborate with the Urban Wildlife Institute, a scientific institution that complements her personal and professional goals. She believes it is crucial to inspire stakeholders and public officials to appreciate the importance of animals and our ecosystems as they relate to human health.