Anna Czupryna, Ph.D.


Conservation & Science


Alexander Center for Applied Population Biology


Adjunct Scientist


Ph.D. – Ecology and Evolution, University of Illinois at Chicago
B.S. – Biological Sciences, DePaul University
Graduate Studies – Teaching and Learning, Secondary Science Concentration, DePaul University

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Anna is a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Glasgow. She worked with Lincoln Park Zoo during her graduate studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago while studying domestic dog population dynamics in villages west of Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park.

Anna started at the zoo in 2007 as an education docent and later worked as a zoo research intern. In 2009, she began collaborating with the Serengeti Health Initiative team, which works to control rabies and distemper in the ecosystem by vaccinating domestic dogs, and supported the program as the zoo’s Serengeti Health Initiative coordinator from 2013–2017. Since completing her Ph.D., Anna has returned to Tanzania to continue working to eradicate rabies in the ecosystem.


  • Lankester, F. J., Wouters, P. A. W. M., Czupryna, A., Palmer, G. H., Mzimbiri, I., Cleaveland, S., … Sonnemans, D. G. P. 2016. Thermotolerance of an inactivated rabies vaccine for dogs. Vaccine, 34(46), 5504–5511.