Regenstein Birds of Prey

Regenstein Birds of Prey

Comprised of three free-flight habitats, Regenstein Birds of Prey is where guests can view nature’s cleanup crew: birds of prey. These large birds typically possess sharp, hooked bills and talons, essential tools for capturing small animals or feeding on carrion. Cinereous vultures share a large section of the habitat with white storks, while the stately bald eagle and snowy owls live in neighboring enclosures.

Commitment to Care

Animals may not be visible at all times. To promote positive animal welfare, we provide animals with choices. They can choose to spend time in areas that are out of public view.

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Cinerous vulture in exhibit

Take Action With Us

Wildlife face many daunting challenges—some global, like planet-wide climate change, and some that affect individuals, like an animal ingesting plastic—but now is not the time to despair. None of these problems are too big for us to come together and solve.

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