Rendering of Pepper Family Wildlife Center

Pepper Family Wildlife Center

Lincoln Park Zoo’s renovated home for lions and big cats, Pepper Family Wildlife Center, is slated to open in fall 2021. The new habitat design, informed by years of behavioral data monitoring, will encourage species-specific activity while offering inspiring views of majestic wildlife.

Features Will Include:

  • Space for a pride of lions in an expansive, savannah-style habitat
  • Kopje-inspired rockwork to increase both horizontal and vertical space available to lions, so they can enjoy a high perspective and plenty of surface area to rest comfortably
  • Climate-controlled areas with heated rock surfaces, hot and cool air, and shade
  • Corners, slopes, and landscaping for privacy
  • Whole Trees® and deadfall made from FSC-certified products to invite lions to climb and play
  • A food zipline to mobilize enrichment for lions to stalk and chase “prey”
  • Nose-to-nose indoor and outdoor viewing windows for zoo guests
  • A special pathway so guests can view the environment from the lions’ perspective
  • Interpretive signs introducing guests to the lions and the zoo’s lion conservation efforts, and inspiring people to contemplate wildlife’s future
  • An advanced holding facility with a cubbing den and indoor animal management area so lions can further participate in their own care
  • Accessible facilities and restrooms
  • A gift shop and gallery with public seating and gathering space
  • A private meeting room with exclusive “in-habitat” views of the savannah
  • Main hall and meeting room available for private events
Female African lion in exhibit

The Pride of Chicago

The Pride of Chicago capital campaign is a $135 million effort committed to advancing Lincoln Park Zoo as an immersive home for wildlife; an inspiring and free experience for guests; and a leader in conservation, science, and learning. Now in the campaign’s home stretch, the zoo has begun construction on the capstone project: Pepper Family Wildlife Center.

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