Pepper Family Wildlife Center

Pepper Family Wildlife Center is now open! This renovated home for lions and big cats encourages species-specific activity while offering awe-inspiring views of majestic wildlife. At the center, guests can explore the natural behaviors and characteristics of the resident species—African lions, snow leopards, Canadian lynx, and red pandas—and learn about the conservation issues threatening their wild populations.

Designed From Data

Researchers used ZooMonitor, a Lincoln Park Zoo-developed app, to collect behavioral data on zoo-born lions, Canada lynxes, red pandas, and snow leopards for many years before renovating their habitat. The data revealed how they spent their time and which parts of the space they used the most. Designers used that data to create habitat features that promote positive animal welfare.

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Collaborating to Conserve Lions

Lincoln Park Zoo works with partners in Tanzania to support healthy lion populations, which have suffered severe declines across their range over the past 25 years. Very few sustainable lion populations remain in Africa, and they are restricted to a small set of protected areas.

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Commitment to Care

Animals may not be visible at all times. To promote positive animal welfare, we provide animals with choices. They can choose to spend time in areas that are out of public view.

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Giraffes walking through the African savanna

Take Action With Us

Wildlife face many daunting challenges—some global, like planet-wide climate change, and some that affect individuals, like an animal ingesting plastic—but now is not the time to despair. None of these problems are too big for us to come together and solve.

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