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A Virtual Chat on the Science of Metabolism in Humans and Apes

Calendar Icon June 6
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Join author Herman Pontzer, Ph.D., and Stephen Ross, Ph.D., director of the Lester E. Fisher Center for the Study & Conservation of Apes, to explore the metabolisms of humans and apes.

Pontzer’s new book, “BURN: New Research Blows the Lid Off How We Really Burn Calories, Stay Healthy, and Lose Weight,” took off on Amazon as a fitness bestseller within hours of its release. During this one-hour virtual chat, Pontzer and Ross will talk about metabolism, water, how we train, and how our knowledge about great apes can help us understand ourselves.


Herman Pontzer, Ph.D., Author

Pontzer studies the physiology and evolution of humans and apes to understand how ecology, lifestyle, and diet affect metabolism and health. His work has spanned across species and populations, from lab studies in the U.S. to working with hunter-gatherers and subsistence farmers in Africa and South America to research with apes and other primates in zoos and the wild. His book, “Burn: New Research Blows the Lid Off How We Really Burn Calories, Lose Weight, and Stay Healthy,” came out this spring.

Stephen Ross, Ph.D., Director of Lester E. Fisher Center for the Study and Conservation of Apes

Ross is the director of the Lester E. Fisher Center for the Study and Conservation of Apes and leads a research program focused on primate behavior, cognition, welfare and conservation. He is the founder of Project ChimpCARE, an initiative aimed at improving the lives of chimpanzees in need, and is co-editor of The Mind of the Chimpanzee (2010) and Chimpanzees in Context (2020).

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