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Understanding Animal Behavior

Studying How Animals Act and Think

By monitoring behavior (and measuring hormones), zoo scientists help us better understand how animals engage the world around them.

Understanding Animal Behavior
The Animal Welfare Science Program conducts research to evaluate and enhance the welfare of animals at Lincoln Park Zoo.
Lincoln Park Zoo scientists are studying the small mammal community from downtown Chicago to the surrounding suburbs to understand what species lives there because these rodents play an important part in the ecosystem.
The Urban Wildlife Information Network (UWIN) is a partnership of researchers all around the country who use the wildlife monitoring protocols we created here in Chicago to understand the ecology and behavior of their own urban wildlife species.
Every day, zoo researchers use tablet computers to observe and record the activities of chimpanzees and gorillas living at Regenstein Center for African Apes.
By using touch-screen computers to monitor chimpanzees, gorillas and Japanese macaques as they sequence objects and react to the social cues embedded in a glance, zoo scientists can see how primates perceive the world around them.
By observing chimpanzees and gorillas as they use tools and solve novel puzzles at Regenstein Center for African Apes, zoo scientists can better understand how apes learn and innovate.
By vaccinating domestic dogs against diseases such as rabies and canine distemper, Lincoln Park Zoo and its partners have helped make the Serengeti ecosystem healthier for people and wildlife.
Lincoln Park Zoo and the national chimpanzee sanctuary, Chimp Haven, have teamed up in an unprecedented partnership to advance care for chimpanzees at both institutions and beyond.


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