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Protecting Wild Ecosystems

Zoo scientists protect the predators of the Serengeti, great apes in the Republic of Congo's Goualougo Triangle, and other wild wonders around the world and close to home.

Protecting Wild Ecosystems
In a remote region of the Republic of Congo, researchers are conducting groundbreaking research into how gorillas and chimpanzees live alongside one another in one of the most pristine landscapes on earth.
At a time when bat populations across the country are declining, the zoo’s Urban Wildlife Institute is using non-invasive techniques to study bat species in the greater Chicago area.
Monitoring stations from city to suburbs will help scientists chronicle the wildlife of the Chicago region.
Habitat loss has caused this shy species to be endangered through much of its range, including Illinois. Lincoln Park Zoo works with partners across the country to guide its recovery.
By engaging with communities that are most affected by wildlife interactions, we work together to design and test interventions with the goal of improving the lives of people and wildlife living next to Serengeti National Park.
This project helps managers understand the impacts of their interventions aimed at increasing the potential for coexistence between people and lions in Ngorongoro.


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