Bird Arrivals

January 21, 2021

Lincoln Park Zoo is excited to announce the arrival of various bird species! From three African penguin arrivals to a Victoria crowned pigeon, learn more about the new additions.

African Penguin

Waddle you know? There are three new arrivals at Robert and Mayari Pritzker Penguin Cove! Three female African penguins, Rosie (red/white band on left wing), Luna (pink/purple band on left wing), and Nessi (green/orange band on left wing), have joined the colony of 18.

Rosie arrived from Henry Vilas Zoo and hatched in 2015. Both Luna and Nessi arrived from Busch Gardens and hatched in 2018 and 2019. The three penguins are very inquisitive and have successfully hand fed from Animal Care staff like the rest of the colony, which helps keepers ensure each animal has their daily vet-approved diet.

Rosie, Luna, and Nessi have been introduced to the rest of the colony and can be spotted exploring their new habitat.

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

There’s a new addition in the Free Flight area of McCormick Bird House! A male Victoria crowned pigeon can be spotted navigating the area and spending time on the bridge. The youngster hatched in 2019 at the North Carolina Zoo. This species hasn’t resided at Lincoln Park Zoo since the 1980s.

Hadada Ibis

A female hadada ibis recently arrived from the Columbus Zoo. This youngster hatched this year and is currently residing in the Wetlands habitat. She’s been spotted getting along well with the scarlet ibis and the snowy egrets, as well as foraging on the habitat floor with the other species and perching.

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