Pritzker Family Children’s Zoo

Pritzker Family Children’s Zoo blends expert animal care, interactive learning elements, and tactile experiences to teach visitors of all ages about the interdependency of living things.

Regenstein African Journey

Regenstein African Journey is an immersive experience that enables guests to discover the plant, animal, and climate diversity of Africa.

European Honey Bee

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

Madagascar hissing cockroaches are large, wingless insects with a dark brown exoskeleton and orange markings on their abdomen. Males have large bumps or horns behind their head, while females have smaller bumps. Like most cockroaches, they are nocturnal insects, hiding under debris or in tree bark during the day. Madagascar hissing cockroaches consume rotting plants,…

Golden Silk Spider

Golden silk spiders are mostly yellow with an elongated abdomen and long, hairy legs that detect web vibrations. Females can grow six times larger than males. These weaver spiders rely on their webs to collect food and water, as well as breed. Females build and relocate their web repeatedly over their lifetime while males travel…

Northern Walkingstick

Northern walkingsticks are wingless insects with a cylindrical, elongated body and a small, square-shaped head supporting long antennae. They can reach up to three and a half inches in lemgth. Males are brown, and females are green. Both sexes feed on tree and shrubbery foliage, with a preference for oak and hazelnut trees. Before winter,…